creating an optimal building experience

O’Hara & Gercke, Inc. was formed in 2002 when Kevin O’Hara and James Gercke combined their respective talents and many decades of construction business experience to form a company specializing in residential and light commercial construction.

James Gercke and Kevin O’Hara

Our company objective is customer driven: we want to enable an optimal building experience through effective communication, thorough planning, detailed budgeting, attentive project management and outstanding execution.


A successful project results from the effective choreography of many different elements of the construction process, but the pre-construction process is critical to success.  We are typically involved in the very early stages of a project in order to provide technical input and budget guidance as options are evaluated and decisions made. Once construction starts our own job supervisors and craftsmen work hand in hand with selected subcontractors to ensure a successful outcome.


As the recipient of Efficiency VT’s “Best of the Best” award for “Energy Efficient New Construction” and a LEED Silver award from the U.S. Green Building Council, we encourage the use of sustainable construction technologies, materials and techniques. We have completed projects with active and passive solar components, green roof design, advanced insulation strategies, fresh air heat and energy recovery solutions, energy efficient lighting, and high-performance mechanical systems, including those utilizing ground source heat pump technologies.

We have direct experience in natural, non-toxic and sustainable construction techniques including but not limited to geothermal heating systems, wood fired masonry heaters, low and zero VOC coatings, and have worked with a variety of clients with unique environmental requirements to achieve cost effective solutions to their expressed concerns. We have built to Passive House standards, Net Zero Standards, and have constructed numerous Energy Star rated (5 star plus) homes in both Vermont and New Hampshire and are listed as an Energy Star Partner on Efficiency Vermont’s website.

Our personnel keep abreast of the latest developments in green building science by attending relevant workshops and conferences. Whatever your needs we have the experience and resources to effectively incorporate emerging sustainable construction technologies into your project.